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We are Collin and Nicole Rayome of rural Portage, WI. We are both first generation farmers with the hope of making a difference in the world by providing a regenerative food source that is dense in nutrients and flavor. We bought our farm located in the Baraboo Bluffs in July of 2020, right after the world was rocked by Covid. Through quite a few challenges and a whole heap of determination, we have felt like we have made a difference on our little plot of land. Both of us have a passion for raising cattle. Beef is our passion, which is how Collin got the title of " Beef-boy" at work. Our farm is our sanctuary, and we would love to share it with you.

When we bought our farm, it was being utilized for a conventional row crop system. After getting all of the fields fenced in, we started brainstorming how we can make this land work for us. We are huge on using land for what it is naturally good at. Like people, all land is created differently. Each piece has unique benefits and should be managed as such. On our farm, our fields are long and narrow, providing a great setup for rotational grazing. The best part about rotational grazing, is that when done properly, nurtures and provides the soil what it needs to build and prosper.

The one item we knew needed to be the core of our operation is soil health. Every management decision we make on our farm will relate to improving the health of our soil. If we take care of our soil, the soil will take care of us for generations to come.

Take some time to scroll through our farm's journey below. Be sure to come back as we are always looking for ways to better our operation... There are never enough projects on the farm!

We look forward to earning your trust and business!

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