Do you use antibiotics?

As stewards of the cattle we raise, we strive to give them the highest quality of life possible. With that, we do use antibiotics, if necessary, under the supervision of our veterinarian. Generally speaking, we utilize preventative care to make the use of antibiotics unnecessary. Even if an animal were to receive antibiotics to cure an illness during their lifetime, there is NEVER antibiotic residues in your beef. Every treatment is documented, so it makes it easy to manage any slaughter holds a medicine may have.

Do you vaccinate your cattle?

Yes, we do vaccinate our cattle for common diseases as a preventative measure. Because we vaccinate and feed only the best feedstuffs, our mortality rate is very low and the cattle are strong and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Are your cattle raised in a feedlot?

Nope! Our cattle spend their days on our lush pastures. We do feed grain to the finishing cattle, but we bring the feed to them!

Where do you get your cattle processed?

Our cattle are processed at the Baraboo Meat Market, located 6 miles down the road from the farm.